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Instagram is currently one of the most important social media services in the world. The service has more than 1 billion registered users and its Instagram Stories section is used daily by 500 million people on average.

This confirms that there are few social platforms that currently equal the popularity and success of Instagram. Of course, part of its success lies in the videos posted by users. And although we like to watch the videos in the phone application, what we want too is to be capable of downloading them.

Therefore, with our Instagram Video Downloader, you will be able to download Instagram videos 100% free and without restrictions

How to download Instagram Videos online?

A very common question is: how to download Instagram videos? Because everyone wants to be able to download their favorite videos among the posts in the accounts they follow. But the truth is that Instagram doesn’t give the possibility to comfortably download the videos that we watch and we like.

The solution is the use of a tool like our one, the best Instagram video downloader. Below we are going to show you how to use it in a very easily way.

Step 1. Copy the video url

First we go to Instagram and enjoy the latest posts. When we find a video that we would like to download, what we will have to do is copy the address of the video.

  • » PC/Mac: if we are using a computer (PC or Mac) we should do right-click on the date on which the publication was made. Next we will choose the option “Copy Link Address”.
  • » Smartphone: smartphones users have to follow another process. Within the Instagram app, look for the icon with three gray dots on a white background, tap on it and then tap on the “Copy Share URL” option.

It is important to know that on Android devices the icon has the dots in a vertical position, while on iOS devices (iPhone or iPad), the icon has the dots in a horizontal position. In both cases what will happen after clicking on Copy Share URL will be the same: the URL will be copied to the clipboard.

Step 2. Paste the url in the video downloader

Now we go to our Instagram downloader  and we check the white box that looks similar to a Google search box. At the moment we get inside the box we will have to paste the link using the traditional system corresponding to the platform that we are using.

On PC machines we must press the right mouse button and choose “Paste”. This system depends on the device, but it is an extremely simple process and we are sure that we don’t have to explain you how to paste in every device, right?

Lets continue with the guide to enjoy the experience of download videos from with our tool.

Step 3. Download your MP4 video

After paste the link of the video the next thing to do is click on the “Download” button. Then the tool that allows us to download MP4 videos from Instagram will begin to download the file. If we have not chosen a predefined folder on our device for downloads we will have to choose it at that time.

This depends on the type of device that we are using. With this step you will have the HD video downloading to your device (PC, MAC, iPhone or Android) thanks to our online Instagram video downloader.

FAQ – Frequently Answers and Questions

Its possible to download private Instagram videos? This is just one of the many questions asked by users who want to make the most of the potential of the social network and by the ones that want to download Instagram videos on mac or other devices.

In the following lines we will answer some of the most frequent questions and we´ll see what doubts you can have, so you will know everything about how to download Instagram videos (in HD) to phone or computers.

Can I download private Instagram videos?

This is not possible with any of the tools currently available. The security levels provided by this social network protect those users who prefer that their publications are hidden, so esentially the videos are blocked and cant be downloaded.

If there is a private video that you would like to have on your downloaded device, what you could do is write to the user to ask him to make it public for a limited time in which you can download it with this tool. This is the only way to download private videos right now.

Is our app compatible with iPhone/Android?

We hear a lot of times from people questions like: “can you download Instagram videos with Android or iPhone devices?” Of course, you have nothing to worry about. Whether you use an Android device or an iPhone, you will be able to get the most out of our service.

This does not only apply to smartphone terminals, so if you have a tablet you can also use our app. We make sure that you always have the possibility to download all the Instagram videos that you are interested in.

To use the service in a more convenient way, you just have to use your favorite Internet browser, since the Instagram download tool is compatible with all of them, Chrome, Safari or Firefox, among others. In addition, the download speed is high on any type of device, both Android and iPhone or PC or Mac computers. Instagram fans can have a good collection of videos in no time thanks to this converter.

Can I Save Instagram live videos?

Its not possible to download live videos from Instagram, but there is a way to do it. All you have to do is keep waiting until the broadcast of the video ends. When the live ends we will have the opportunity to download following the procedure that we have indicated in our guide and our website to download Instagram videos.

Where are the videos stored after downloading them?

As we said before, the videos will always be stored in your download folder that you have previously chosen. We recommend that you use a folder that is easy to identify as “Downloads” on your computer or mobile phone. If you download a lot of videos from Instagram, it is recommended to create folders within folders so that you can sort all your videos.

If what you are concerned about if the MP4 videos that you download from Instagram are going to be stored in some type of online history within our tool, you don’t have to worry.

The use of our service is completely anonymous and this means that we have no download history and we also do not store copies of the videos you have downloaded. Everything is in the strictest anonymity, so you can download Instagram videos in a totally private way.

Can I use the app for free?

Totally free. Our intention is that you have access to the download of all the videos that you want and we work every day hard to be sure that you can do it without having to make any payment.

Although you may have found other IG download tools in which you have to pay, in the case of our offer we are clear that the best thing to do is be sure that nobody has to make any payment. You can use our service without any limit and download as many videos as you want without paying anything.